International documentary film festival
April 14 - 21, 2024
Kaptol Boutique Cinema, Zagreb

The closing film won the Aviteh Audience Award!


The closing film won the Aviteh Audience Award!

The film No Other Land closed the 20th ZagrebDox last night and left the audience's vote counters awake late into the night. It is a rare opportunity for the audience to find out the winner late at night on the last day of the competition, which should not be strange when it comes to the film by Basel Adra, Hamdan Ballal, Yuval Abraham and Rachel Szor. Apart from ZagrebDox, their film also won the audience award in Berlin and Copenhagen. This film, by a Palestinian-Israeli collective of four young activists, was co-created during the darkest, most terrifying times in the region, as an act of creative resistance to Apartheid and a search for a path towards equality and justice.

Due to the vicissitudes surrounding the right to show the No Other Land, the film will not be shown on Sunday, April 21 - but there will be another opportunity to watch it because, as we know, it will soon be coming to our cinemas.

The film that will be screened on Sunday is the gentle, smart and moving film April in France by David Boaretto, who was with us in Zagreb until yesterday. The film received excellent reviews from the ZagrebDox audience, and it talks about the little girl April, a 5-year-old English girl, who is unhappy with her family’s relocation to France. After initial time in Paris, spent in the lockdown, she moves to a small medieval village in southwest France where her great-grandfather used to live. Visiting the local cemetery, she thinks people there are just asleep. She talks to her great-grandfather and strongly believes that he might eventually come back to be with her. She will make several wishes for this purpose, in church and in the Pyrenees mountains, waiting for a falling star, as she has seen in Pinocchio. While waiting for him she meets his former friends. With them she will open up to the world, discover her inner self and in turn change the world of the adults around her forever. 


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