International documentary film festival
April 14 - 21, 2024
Kaptol Boutique Cinema, Zagreb

Cabin Pressure

Eszter Nagy, Sára Czira

Cabin Pressure

Heni is a 36-year-old Hungarian production designer living in Barcelona. She has always wanted a traditional, big family, but by her mid-thirties, even though she is successful, she is still single and lonely. She decides to have a baby and as her co-parent she soon chooses Andrey – a gay Russian expat living in the same city. They will be faced with many challenges, some deriving from the cultural and age differences, but their determination to succeed as a family never fades. Cabin Pressure presents an intimate portrait of the new co-parents and their unusual family model.

Hungary 2024, '80

DIRECTOR: Eszter Nagy, Sára Czira

CAMERA: Maud-sophie Andrieux, Kristóf Becsey

MONTAGE: Anna Vághy

MUSIC: Vince Varga

PRODUCERS: Patricia D'intino

PRODUCTION: Good Kids, HBO Max, Kinomoto

Eszter Nagy

Eszter Nagy

Eszter Nagy was born in Budapest in 1975. She started her higher education at the Faculty of Psychology and Film Theory of the Eötvös Loránd University, but graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. After experimenting in different fields of arts, from theatre, through fine arts, to filmmaking, she became involved in film-related software development (Colorfront, Autodesk). Eventually she started working as a freelance colourist. After collecting further professional experience in Los Angeles (Efilm) and New-Zealand (Weta), in 2014 she opened Karmazin Film, her own post-production studio. Cabin Pressure is Eszter’s directing debut, in which she can exploit and blend her experience in both psychology and film. She is co-directing it together with Sára Czira. 

Sára Czira

Sára Czira


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