International documentary film festival
April 14 - 21, 2024
Kaptol Boutique Cinema, Zagreb

Grandpa Guru

Silvio Mirošničenko

Grandpa Guru

Grandpa Guru presents in an eclectic documentary style the continuity of the work of the band Kultur Shock with special emphasis on the interesting life, music and art of their singer and frontman Srđan Gino Jevđević. We follow Gino's spiritual journey in search of his own identity and place in the world, after leaving Sarajevo during the war and arriving in Seattle, USA, where he meets Krist Novoselic from the Nirvana and Jello Biafra from the punk band Dead Kennedys, who persuade him to continue playing music. Gino is haunted by the question of belonging and the feeling of being torn between life in America, Sarajevo and his mother and family. This is a story of transformation in times of hardship, escaping to the end of the world and a forever haunting demon.

Croatia, BIH 2023, '91

DIRECTOR: Silvio Mirošničenko

SCENARIO: Sanjin Hasanefendić, Silvio Mirošničenko

CAMERA: Almir Đikoli, Denis Glogović, Dima Levanchuk, Adis Baždarević

MONTAGE: Doris Dodig

MUSIC: Kultur Shock

PRODUCERS: Sanjin Hasanefendić

PRODUCTION: Točka Kulture, Scena

Silvio Mirošničenko

Silvio Mirošničenko

Silvio Mirošničenko was born in Germany in 1972. He has directed numerous documentaries for Croatian Television and for independent producers. His Railway Patrolman won Best Documentary Film Award at Cinerail 2004 (France). Edo Maajka won Best Editing Award at the Days of Croatian Film 2008 and Best Film Award at DORF 2008. Three of his films won awards at the Liburnia Film Festival in Ičići (Barge Keeper, Railway Patrolman and Edo Maajka). His documentaries were shown at the most relevant national (Pula, Motovun, Days of Croatian Film) and international festivals (IDFA 2006, The Road of Fear; Cinéma du Réel 2004, The Barge Keeper). His films were screened in different ZagrebDox programs and represented Croatia at Prix Europa in Berlin three times.


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