International documentary film festival
April 14 - 21, 2024
Kaptol Boutique Cinema, Zagreb

Danger Zone

Vita Maria Drygas, Kamil Niewiński

Danger Zone

In the competitive world of tourism, there are very few experiences that are out of bounds. Danger Zone explores the world of war tourism, catering to a growing market for rare and extreme experiences. War has become a luxury product, a commodity that can be bought and sold, and tour operators are desperate to get into the growing business. Tourists are promised frontline action, with real ammo, real battles, and real danger. This morally ambiguous tourist industry leads to the collision of two very different worlds, between these thrill-seeking tourists and the people caught in the cross-hairs of conflict, who are not afforded the luxury and privilege of choice. Is it purely a one-sided interaction in which no one wins and no one learns?

Poland, UK 2023, '93

DIRECTOR: Vita Maria Drygas, Kamil Niewiński

CAMERA: Bartosz Bieniek Mateusz Wajda Wojciech Staroń Magdalena Kowalczyk Ahmad Imami Kamil Niewiński Vita Maria Drygas

MONTAGE: Milenia Fiedler, Kamil Niewiński

MUSIC: Karlis Auzans

PRODUCERS: Vita Żelakeviciute

PRODUCTION: Drygas Film Production, Dogwoof, Nextfilm


IDFA (2023)
Warsaw IFF (2023)
DocPoint (2024)

Vita Maria Drygas

Vita Maria Drygas is a director and cinematographer born in 1984 in Lithuania. She studied French language and literature at the University of Warsaw and film, cinematography, photography at the Krzysztof Kieslowski National Film School. Vita has also completed the Studio Prób directing masterclass programme at the Wajda School& Studio. Cinematographer for documentaries, short fiction films and commercials. She directed an award winning short documentary Knife in the Wife (2013) and the medium-length Piano (2014) which won a lot of prizes, among them Grand Prix ""White Cobra"" -Man in Danger Media Festival (2015), Award for the best feature-length documentary Guia de Isora, MiradasDoc International Documentary Film Festiva (2017), La Rochelle (Festival International du Documentaire de Creation ""Escales Documentaires"") Youth Award (2016), Award for the best documentary film, Gyor (International Film and Music Meetings) 2016. Danger Zone is her first feature-length documentary.

Kamil Niewiński

Kamil Niewiński is a writer, screenwriter and editor. He studied philosophy, Polish philology, cultural studies and screenwriting at the Warsaw Film School. 

He was the editor of the television theatre production Henry V (2020), the medium length documentary Lithuania Will Be Free (2021), the feature-length documentary Novice (2023) and the feature-length documentary Danger Zone (2023).



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