International documentary film festival
April 14 - 21, 2024
Kaptol Boutique Cinema, Zagreb

Au Revoir, Pugs (Au Revoir, Pugs)

Brett Allen Smith

Au Revoir, Pugs

Recasting his newborn son and dog as himself and his childhood pets, a filmmaker Brett Allen Smith confronts his own false memories through a collage of film, digital and video game footage. The director is driven by an inner fracture: how real are the memories that had a tremendous impact on him? He tries to find the answer by means of phone conversations with family members, but the phone calls with his sisters lead nowhere. On the visual level, Au Revoir, Pugs plays with images, animation and nostalgic effects, accompanied by sweet and melancholy, but also a little uncanny, melodies.

Italy, Denmark 2023, '10

DIRECTOR: Brett Allen Smith

SCENARIO: Brett Allen Smith

CAMERA: Brett Allen Smith

MONTAGE: Brett Allen Smith

PRODUCERS: Andrea Gatopoulos, Maro Crispano, Brett Allen Smith

PRODUCTION: Il Varco Cinema, Ink!/Oil/Muse (circle one) Productions


DOK Leipzig (2023)
ALCINE (2023)

Brett Allen Smith

Brett Allen Smith

Brett Allen Smith is a filmmaker and journalist most recently covering conflict zones in Iraq, Israel and Palestine. His work has screened in over 80 international festivals and museum exhibitions including DOK Leipzig, SXSW and the PhilaMoCA. His debut feature, Never, was produced by Outlaw Productions and released in cinemas across North America in 2016. His latest short, You Have [1] Unheard Message, was featured in a special video installation at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival alongside new work by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. In 2024 Brett was awarded an artist residency by the Ingmar Bergman Estate on Fårö Island.



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