ZagrebDox Pro: Dox of War - Call for entries 2023


ZagrebDox Pro is inviting documentary film directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers and producers to apply for the niche industry programme ZAGREBDOX PRO: DOX OF WAR.


ZAGREBDOX PRO is a five-day program that brings together documentary filmmakers in pursuit of excellence through analysis of their submitted projects, along with recommendations and suggestions for their further development. Additionally, the program offers one-year online mentoring, case studies, group and individual discussions, masterclass lectures, special film screenings and round tables.

Lecturers, experts and guests at the Dox of War programs of ZagrebDox Pro will be some of the most important European masters of documentaries. Of course, those who stood out precisely with their films about the war. In addition to filmmakers, writers, psychologists, humanitarians, publicists, and journalists will also participate in the program.

ZagrebDox Pro introduction focuses on a certain content and/or stylistic direction of future, promising documentary projects. The idea is to analyze, demystify, clarify and explain how and why, and at what price it is best to make a certain type of films. The area of special interest will be defined in advance every year, and in 2023 the focus is on documentaries about the war. The goal of the workshop is an in-depth investigation of the question: How to film a war?

At carefully designed events, participants will exchange knowledge and experience with top experts from the field of documentary filmmaking as well as from other relevant fields. Directors and producers can participate in the programs.

ZagrebDox Pro strives to assist the participants with:

  • working individually on developing their projects with renowned documentary film experts
  • getting a “second opinion” from experts in the fields not directly connected, but close to documentary filmmaking
  • learning through case studies of successful documentaries
  • networking with colleagues from different backgrounds
  • finding out about the latest technological developments
  • promoting their projects during production and upon completion



Creative documentary projects in different stages of development and production are called to apply. Projects from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, dealing with the region thematically and/or those in search for a co-producer from one of these countries, have an advantage in the selection.

ZagrebDox Pro Terms & Conditions can be found here.



You can apply for the workshop by filling out and sending the online application form.

IMPORTANT: The official language of the training programme is English. All information entered in the online application and all uploaded supporting materials need to be in English, all financial amounts need to be expressed in Euro and the trailer/teaser needs to have English subtitles.



Application deadline for project entries is January 31 2023.

Attending ZAGREBDOX PRO is completely free of charge.

Up to 10 projects will be selected for the participation.



The participants who do not live in Croatia can apply for ZagrebDox Pro's scholarship that covers travel and accommodation expenses for the workshop. Number of scholarships will be set by the organizer.



Along with project representatives, up to four participants without a project can attend the closed sessions of ZagrebDox. Several sessions open to the public will be organised as well.

Candidates for participants without the project can apply at after the workshop selection has been announced in January. They must send an e-mail with a subject PARTICIPANT WITHOUT A PROJECT. In the e-mail message, candidates must provide their full name, e-mail address, phone number and a short CV.


For all questions and additional information please contact us at