Dox of War Films in Lisbon and Sarajevo


ZagrebDox Pro: Dox of War writes the last chapters of this year with bright colors!

Two projects from this year's workshop ZagrebDox Pro: Dox of War were selected to participate in significant development programs in Lisbon and Sarajevo. Nebulae, the Diclisboa project and Al Jazeera Documentary Industry Days are the next destinations for the two most successful projects from this year's ZagrebDox Pro.

The Ukrainian project Unknown No. 1, directed by Markiian Myroshnychenko, has been invited to participate in the second edition of Al Jazeera Documentary Industry Days during the AJB DOC Film Festival from September 8 to 12, 2023. It is a platform that aims to deal with a wide range of topics that rely on authentic film storytelling and an interesting approach to portraying reality. Al Jazeera Documentary Industry Days enable authors to present their projects in front of important, key experts in the world's documentary industry. This platform will provide documentary filmmakers from Southeast Europe, the Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa with the opportunity to connect with decision makers and leading experts from the regional and international film and TV industries.

Another project that attracted a lot of attention from our colleagues from the Doclisboa Film Festival is Exit Through the Cuckoo's Nest by Nikola Ilic, last year's winner in the Regional competition with the film Dida. Ilić was invited to participate in the Nebulae workshop in Lisbon in October 2023. According to the Nebulae selectors, the reasons are as follows: "We choose this film because of the author's courage in facing his own experience and traumas caused by war. The film and the author are motivated by strong antimilitarism and a higher sense of respect for the human being, which led him to turn his passion for music into a revolutionary weapon." Nebulae is a project oriented towards the film industry and networking processes at the prestigious Doclisboa festival.

Al Jazeera and Doclisboa workshop selectors, as well as numerous other connoisseurs of opportunities and projects from the ZagrebDox Pro: Dox of War program, highlight the excellence and strength of the presented projects. It will be that these are just the first in a series of good news about this year's ZagrebDox Pro projects.