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Perfection of Circle

Boris Bakal
This film is a travel. A travel through time, countries, languages and truths. It is a story of how we can change sides but not leave direction of becoming yourself. Helmut Welz was a member of the SA party, a Wehrmacht top officer, a hero, a traitor, a liberator, a savior, a communist, a film consultant, a Dresden city Mayor, a father. He was... This film is about decisions and responsibility for the aftermath.

Boris Bakal

Boris Bakal is theatre/film director, actor, intermedia artist, curator and writer. Throughout 40 years of his career, he authored multiple projects, performances, lectures, installations and multimedia creations which have been presented at the festivals, exhibitions and events all over the world, including ZagrebDox, Bologna Cultural Capital of Europe 2000, Steirischer Herbst, Bollwerk Beluard International, Eurokaz, BITEF, Interferences, Thealter, Hunting Season, Prague Quadrennial and MESS. He is visiting scholar, researcher and lecturer at: NYU, Stony Brook University, Columbia University and many others. He is a co-founder of several artistic and activist platforms and associations, e.g. Shadow Casters, Flying University, Orchestra Stolpnik, Croatian Antiwar Campaign and Theatre of Obvious Phenomena.

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Working title:
Perfection of Circle

Directed by:
Boris Bakal

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