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Tolyatti Adrift

Laura Sisteró
Screening time  
28.03. / Tuesday, 15:30 - 17:30 Theatre 3  
02.04. / Sunday, 14:00 - 16:00 Theatre 1  

Tolyatti was once a symbol of progress and socialist pride, but now it is Russia’s poorest large city. Famous for being home to the Soviet automobile industry, with its legendary LADA car, today it is frozen in time, with the highest youth unemployment rate in the country. In this context of desolation the “Boyevaya Klassika” emerges, a movement of teenagers who rescue the old cars from the local factory, giving a second chance to this icon of the national splendour they never lived. The film wants to explore the conflicts and dreams of the Tolyatti teenagers, forced to find their place in difficult circumstances and who, out of their rebelliousness, have started a real movement of expression, trapped in a seemingly hopeless place.


Laura Sisteró

Laura Sisteró was born in Barcelona in 1986. In 2008 she obtained a degree of Audiovisual Production at EMAV. In 2012 she obtained a bachelor’s degree in film at the ESCAC school in Barcelona, specializing in documentary direction. She currently combines her work as a photographer, advertising and television director, with more personal fiction and documentary film projects. Tolyatti Adrift is her first feature-length documentary.

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Tolyatti a la Deriva

France, Spain
2022, 70'

Directed by:
Laura Sisteró

Screenplay by:
Laura Sisteró

Artur-Pol Camprubí

Edited by:
Alissa Doubrovitskaia, Ariadna Ribas, Laura Sisteró

Josep Comas

Bernat Manzano, Miguel Ángel Blanca, Valérianne Boué

Produced by:
Boogaloo Films, Les Films d'ici

Festivals & Awards:

Docs Valencia: Best National Documentary (2022), Krakow FF: Silver Horn Award (2022), Cinespaña: Best Documentary (2022), This Human World: Up & Coming Award (2022), Visions du Réel (2022), Hot Docs (2022)