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The Cathedral

Denis Dobrovoda
Screening time  
28.03. / Tuesday, 15:30 - 17:30 Theatre 1  

Starting in 1961, Justo Gallego Martínez spent over 60 years building a cathedral the size of the Sagrada Familia using waste and recycled materials in Spanish Mejorada del Campo. He invested his own funds and worked mostly alone, without any expertise in architecture or construction, while his community labeled him a madman. His project is difficult to understand for many – especially in the multicultural, secularising world. Now nearing the end of his life and lacking in strength to continue the building, Justo has to confront the fact that his illegal cathedral might be demolished. The documentary employs archival materials and current footage to record the process of erecting Justo's masterpiece and examines the complex legacy of his life and genius.


Denis Dobrovoda

Denis Dobrovoda is a film director and producer with experience in both documentary and fiction filmmaking. He studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford, and has a diploma in Film Directing from the École Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation in Paris. His feature length documentary debut The Cathedral won the Best Film Award in the International Competition of the 62nd Krakow Film Festival and qualified for both the Academy Awards and the European Film Awards. Denis’s previous work includes the TV documentary They Never Came Back and two award-winning narrative short films Savage and Apparition. He has also worked on numerous TV programmes in the UK.

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The Cathedral

Spain, Slovakia
2022, 87'

Directed by:
Denis Dobrovoda

Screenplay by:
Matthew Bremner

Israel Seoane, Gonzalo Vallejo, Diego Trenas

Edited by:
Ona Bartroli, Denis Dobrovoda

Thomas Ross Fitzsimons

Denis Dobrovoda, Matthew Bremner

Produced by:
Kolsa Films SK

Festivals & Awards:

Krakow FF: Golden Horn (2022), Cinematik IFF: Audience Award (2022), PÖFF (2022), Festival dei Popoli (2022), IDFA (2022), FIPADOC (2023),  One World IFF(2023),