Saturday at ZagrebDox


Trash metal in Beirut (a Sundance winner), Vitić’s skyscraper and its tenants, animated Chinese hackers and a famous comic book author against the police, ‘beautiful’ footage of terrible fires, a wild Russian manifesto, a portrait of a young female artist (an IDFA winner), Herzog, Poitras and other award-winners. A festival heaven(d) to remember.


Friday at ZagrebDox


Pope Francis on the road in a modern classic, shocking footage of Russian teenagers, an Oscar nomination from the cold Arctic, Sinéad O'Connor’s second and last time in Zagreb, the singing Ugandan opposition, a queer director in the cocaine capital, Filipino environmental warriors... and much more for the cinematic end of the work week


Thursday at ZagrebDox


On display today, we have an imaginative Italian policeman, Croatian political leaders, Oscar winners Poitras and Kopple, domestic rockers, Tihomir Ladišić’s masterclass, Werner Herzog’s new film, Zagreb Film animals, Getty Images and the punished Bad Blue Boy


Additional Screening of "Non-Aligned: Scenes from the Labudović Reels"


Due to large audience interest, Mila Turajlić’s documentary will have a total of three screenings.


Wednesday at ZagrebDox


The Ukrainian front and Yugoslav wars, Irish folk and world jazz, imaginations of South African female rangers, German influencers and Colombian teenage girls, nostalgic fathers and Vitić’s skyscraper, reforestation by Volker Schlöndorff and sustainable tourism by Đuro Gavran – a number of good reasons to be in Kaptol Boutique Cinema&Bar even today


Two Screenings of "Vitić Dances"


Instead of the planned one, Boris Bakal’s film will have two screenings at ZagrebDox due to large interest


Tuesday at ZagrebDox


Carlos Saura’s latest film, the unusual (self-)portraits of Ivory and Godard and 15 years of HAVC make up the ‘classic’, the masterclass of a Ukrainian director and volunteer about the war documentary unfortunately the up-to-date, and obsessive projects, karaoke, video games and Sinéad O’Connor the more relaxed programme of the festival’s day two


Replacement Screening Announcement


Instead of "A House in Kraljevec", check out "Desire Lines" and "Karaoke Paradise"


Monday at ZagrebDox


Women’s identities and Ukrainian experiences, three giants and archival film, Hollywood auditions and tattoos, sustainable fashion and ISIS, Iran and China... these are just some of the themes of day one of the 19th International Documentary Film Festival


The 19th ZagrebDox Starts Today


From March 26 to April 2, Zagreb and Croatia will be visited by exceptional documentary titles and their authors. The reason is simple: ZagrebDox!