FACTUM – The First 25 Years

Presentation / Wednesday, April 6, 17:30, Dvorana 4

Moderator: Nenad Puhovski

Is “Nenad Puhovski, Factum’s leader, also a Serbian KOS agent”, as the Hrvati Amac website wrote in 2008? Did former president Stipe Mesić indeed say to Croatian Television that if they don’t broadcast The Storm over Krajina, he would buy the slot and sponsor the film’s broadcasting? Is it true that Factum “made up” the Rejected Salon at Croatian Film Days? Is it true that, not even after 25 years of existence and over 80 produced films, Factum wasn’t mentioned in the Film Encyclopaedia even once? Is it true, on the other hand, that Factum is the only producer which, with a bunch of other awards, had two annual Nazor Awards for documentary film? Why did Croatian Television never co-produce anything with Factum? Is it... 
All this, the films produced and unproduced, the filmmakers, the controversies, the honours, will be discussed with Nenad Puhovski, the founder and managing director of Factum.