Želimir Žilnik: Fragments From Migrant Worker Opus

House Orders

Želimir Žilnik
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08.04. / Friday, 17:00 - 19:00 Theatre 2  

In collective housing buildings for foreign workers in Germany there were strict codes of behaviour, defined by house rules and monitored by the super. Many rights – for example, the right to free movement, unhindered communication and free behaviour – were breeched by these rules. Interviews with the tenants and the ‘attendants’ recorded absurd situations and conflicts arising from restrictions.


Želimir Žilnik

Želimir Žilnik was born in 1942 in Niš, and he is living and working in Novi Sad, Serbia. He has written and directed numerous fiction and documentary films which have garnered many awards at national and international film festivals. He is one of the pioneers of the docu-drama genre. From the very beginning his films have focussed on contemporary issues, featuring social, political and economic assessments of everyday life: Newsreel on Village Youth, in Winter (1967), Little Pioneers (1968), The Unemployed (1968), June Turmoil (1969), Black Film (1971), Uprising in Jazak (1973). Žilnik’s fiction debut Early Works (1969) won the Golden Bear at Berlinale and four awards at Pula Film Festival. In 1995 his film Marble Ass won the prestigious Teddy Award at Berlinale. ZagrebDox has screened Žilnik’s films Logbook Serbistan (2015), Pirika on Film (2013) and Europe Next Door (2005), which won the Big Stamp. He was an International Jury member at ZagrebDox 2019. Žilnik’s latest films are The Most Beautiful Country in the World (2018) and Among the People: Life & Acting (2018).

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1975, 12'

Directed by:
Želimir Žilnik

Screenplay by:
Želimir Žilnik

Andrej Popović

Vlada Majić

Produced by:
Filmproduktion KG, München


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