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This coming-of-age tale is both atypical in form and uncommon in substance. Aya is a hybrid of fiction and documentary film, a re-staged reality, which takes us to Lahou, a peninsula in Ivory Coast which is gradually being eaten away by the ocean due to coastal erosion, pushing its inhabitants to move towards the capital. This strip of land which used to be 2 kilometers wide is now only 200 meters wide. Aya, a playful, stubborn and defiant young woman has lived there her whole life. She enjoys picking coconuts and sleeping on the sand. While the ocean is wiping away the land, economy and history around her, Aya declares that she will never leave.


Simon Coulibaly Gillard

Born in Bulgaria, Simon Gillard grew up in Brittany. After studying mechanical engineering, he did a U-turn and decided to live of his love for film. Throughout his Master’s Degree in film-directing at INSAS, Simon developed a strong relationship with the people and territories of West Africa where he lives and works part of the year. He made all his films there, alone with his cameras and microphones, accompanied by his assistant, Lassina Coulibaly.

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2021, 90'

Directed by:
Simon Coulibaly Gillard

Screenplay by:
Simon Coulibaly Gillard

Simon Coulibaly Gillard

Edited by:
Bertrand Conard, Marie-Hélène Mora

Sébastien Andres, François-Pierre Clavel, Alice Lemaire

Produced by:
Michigan films

Festivals & Awards:

Cannes – ACID (2021)
Festival dei Popoli: Best Antropological Film (2021)
Watch Docs IFF: Green Dog Award (2021)
FIFIG: Audience Award (2021)
Guanajuato IFF (2021)


Marija Knezevic Shajahan