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Young and Afraid

Petter Aaberg, Sverre Kvamme
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04.04. / Monday, 17:00 - 19:00 Theatre 5 Ticket
05.04. / Tuesday, 19:00 - 21:00 Theatre 4 Ticket

After Petter tries to commit suicide in the fall of 2017, he and his best mate Sverre go out into the night in search of a community of like-minded young people. Roaming the streets of Oslo with a camera in hand, looking for young people going through similar struggles, they enter into conflictual, unpredictable, and humorous situations. They discover a sub-community of darkness, self-harm, self-destructiveness, and are confronted with panic attacks, overdoses, and stories of suicide attempts. Petter’s fragile mental state is challenged, and his relationship with Sverre is put to the test. But no matter how dark life is, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.


Petter Aaberg

Petter Aaberg is born and raised in Oslo. He graduated from Nordland College of Art and Film in 2017. While exploring the film medium, he has found a voice through the documentary genre and the spontaneous exploration of human interactions. Today his main focus is to tell the stories about the outsiders in our society.


Sverre Kvamme

Sverre Kvamme grew up in a small village in Western Norway. He studied at The European Film College and Nordland College of Art and Film and has a BA from Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art. With his personal approach to filmmaking, he has moved between big topics, like gender, childhood, sorrow, and death, in his previous works.

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2021, 104'

Directed by:
Petter Aaberg, Sverre Kvamme

Screenplay by:
Petter Aaberg, Sverre Kvamme

Petter Aaberg, Sverre Kvamme

Edited by:
Petter Aaberg, Sverre Kvamme

Christoffer Berg, Tora Vinter

Carsten Aanonsen, Even Benestad

Produced by:
Indie Film AS

Festivals & Awards:

Haugesund IFF: Audience Award (2021)
Nordisk Panorama: Honorable Mention (2021)
Nordic/Docs: Jury Special Award (2021)
Verzio IFF (2021)


Norwegian Film Institute
Toril Simonsen