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The Other Side of the River

Antonia Kilian
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05.04. / Tuesday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 1 Ticket

19 year-old Hala escapes an arranged marriage by crossing the Euphrates River to find a new home at a Kurdish Women’s Protection Unit, which soon after liberates her hometown of Minbij from the Islamic State. For her female fellow soldiers, the enemy is not just IS, but patriarchy in general. The brutalities these women had experienced at the hands of their husbands and family members led them to the other side of the river where they are trained in combat and educated in the feminist ideals of the Kurdish Women’s Movement. We follow Hala on her training and education at the academy, her struggles with her family, the fight for her sisters’ emancipation and the liberation of oppressed women in her city.


Antonia Kilian

Antonia Kilian is a director, cinematographer and producer. She studied Visual Communication as well as Art and Media at the Berlin University of Arts. She studied Cinematography at the University in Potsdam Babelsberg and at the ISA in Havana, Cuba. She has served as DoP for numerous films, both shorts and feature-length, fiction and documentary that have screened at festivals worldwide. She has created video installations and directed several documentary shorts. She lived in Northeast Syria for over one year, where, during this time she shot the footage for her directorial feature-length documentary debut, The Other Side of the River. She currently lives and works between Kassel and Berlin and manages her own production company, Pink Shadow Films.

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The Other Side of the River

Finland, Germany
2021, 91'

Directed by:
Antonia Kilian

Screenplay by:
Antonia Kilian, Guevara Namer, Arash Asadi

Antonia Kilian

Edited by:
Arash Asadi


Frank Müller, Antonia Kilian, Guevara Namer, Merja Ritola

Produced by:
Doppelplusultra Filmproduktion, Pink Shadow Films, Greenlit Productions Oy

Festivals & Awards:

DOK.fest Munich: Documentary Film Award (2021)
DocsMX: Global Docs Award (2021)
Kassel Dokfest: Special Mention (2021)
KineNova IFF: Grand Prix (2021)
CPH:DOX (2021)
Molodist Kyiv (2021)
Chicago IFF (2021)
São Paulo IFF (2021)


Jasmina Vignjevic