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The Long Breakup

Katya Soldak
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06.04. / Wednesday, 20:00 - 22:00 Theatre 3 Ticket

The Long Breakup depicts Ukraine’s struggle to escape Russia’s embrace, leave its Soviet past behind and become a truly independent nation. Ukrainian-American journalist Katya Soldak, now living in New York, tells the story of her home country as it exits the USSR, works through two revolutions, and endures a war - all through the eyes of her family and friends in Kharkiv, city just 18 miles from the Russian border. The film takes viewers on an intimate journey that illustrates how big geopolitical changes affect people on a personal level. It offers insight into what it’s like for an immigrant to watch her country go through crises from afar, and it’s also a personal tale about life in the young, former Soviet country.


Katya Soldak

Katya Soldak is a New-York-based journalist, born and raised in Ukraine. Katya works as an editorial director for Forbes Magazine’s international editions, having previously toiled in the world of documentary production at CBS News Productions and various production houses in New York City. She's produced and directed short documentary films (The Tunnel Man, Swimming Cities by Swoon) and written cover stories for Forbes about Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs. A Columbia School of Journalism alumna, she's interviewed high-profile politicians and artists. Katya is the author of the memoir-essay This Is How Propaganda Works, about growing up in the Soviet Union. Earlier in her career, Katya's passion for video storytelling brought her and her video camera to numerous interesting places, from Maasai villages in Tanzania to Ukrainian street protests.

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The Long Breakup

Ukraine, USA
2020, 85'

Directed by:
Katya Soldak

Screenplay by:
Katya Soldak

Olexandr Yanovsky, Katya Soldak

Edited by:
Olga Lvoff

Sasha Gusev

Katya Soldak

Produced by:
Ante Media

Festivals & Awards:

Montreal Independent FF (2020)
Eastern Oregon FF (2020)


Katya Soldak