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Keti Machavariani
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Sunny is the literal translation of the main character’s name in Georgian. She is a former teacher who now earns for a living as an interviewer for sociological studies. This job is her only way of overcoming total solitude and having a social life. Sunny leads us into the streets of Tbilisi and lets us listen to citizens’ thoughts and hopes on acute political and civic issues. In a way, this is a film about the Georgian culture in everyday life through people’s lives. In her work, Sunny often faces difficulties since social research is at times stigmatized in Georgia. At the end of the film, she takes on the role of the respondent herself and shares her dreams with us.


Keti Machavariani

Keti Machavariani graduated from the Faculty of Art of Tbilisi State University in 1995 before earning another degree in Film Direction at the State University of Film and Theatre’s faculty of Cinema (2002). Between 2005 and 2006 — with the help of a scholarship of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs — she undertook a practical course with the Italian State television broadcaster RAI. Back in Georgia, she directed short films like Mariami (2003), Glass Fragment (2003), or Let’s Make the First Step (2011). Also, she worked as a director and producer of television programs and as assistant director for several full-length feature films. She was involved as an executive producer in Street Days (2010) and Blind Dates (2012). Since 2008, Keti is teaching film studies at different universities in Tbilisi. Based on several supranational projects, Salt White (2011) was her feature debut that has traveled the international festival circuit. Her filmography also includes the documentary Eco Migrants’ (2012), Koro’s Movie (2014), and tv short - Georgia 1992 (2016).

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2021, 67'

Directed by:
Keti Machavariani

Giorgi Shvelidze, Giorgi Phailodze, Gigi Samsonadze

Edited by:
Levan Butkhuzi

Konstantine Pevzner

Nato Sikharulidze, Tsisana Khundadze

Produced by:
Terra Incognita Films, Sunny Films

Festivals & Awards:

Hot Docs: Honorable Mention (2021)
Sarajevo FF (2021)
Montreal IDFF (2021)
Baltic Sea Docs (2021)
Doclisboa (2021)
BIAFF (2021)


Terra Incognita Films
Nato Sikharulidze