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Marija Zidar
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An 18-year-old girl is killed in a bitter family feud in the Albanian highlands. Her bereaved father is torn by the pressures from a local bishop and an NGO chairman from the capital, not only to forgive the imprisoned killer and his family, as a Christian, but to reconcile with them – as the age-old tribal code, Kanun, once required. A quarter of a century has passed after the revival of said code of law, and the protagonists still cannot agree on which value system to rely on to resolve the conflict. A poignant and insightful account of a highly patriarchal Balkan society caught between a lingering past and a precarious present.


Marija Zidar

Marija Zidar (1976) is a Slovenian filmmaker. Her background is in Journalism (BA in Journalism; BA in English Language and Literature), and she has a PhD in Sociology at the University of Ljubljana. She is passionate about presenting thoroughly investigated social issue stories through intimate, sensitive and empathetic visual storytelling. She has written three mid-length documentaries for Television Slovenia, and directed one. Reconciliation, which she began to shoot in Albania in 2014, is her debut feature documentary.

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Kosovo, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro
2021, 82'

Directed by:
Marija Zidar

Latif Hasolli

Edited by:
Uroš Maksimović

Dimitrije Vasiljević

Danijel Hočevar

Produced by:
Vertigo Ljubljana

Festivals & Awards:

DokuFest: Balkan Dox Competition Award (2021)
Festival of Slovenian Film: Best Documentary; Best Editing (2021)
MakeDox: Young Onion - Special Mention (2021)
Tuzla FF: Best Documentary (2021)
Sofia DocuMental: Best Female Director (2021)
CPH:DOX (2021)
Sarajevo FF (2021)


Vertigo Ljubljana
Danijel Hocevar