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Máté Kőrösi
Screening time  
04.04. / Monday, 20:00 - 22:00 Theatre 1 Ticket
08.04. / Friday, 15:00 - 17:00 Theatre 5  

Szani, Tina and Emese: or as they call themselves, the Divas are three twenty-year-old girls who are stuck between teenage years and adulthood, trying to finally finish with this period and graduate. They can talk for hours about makeup, clothes, or profile pictures: these created masks help them hide from their problematic pasts. Máté, a young director, enters the scene, following them with his camera until their graduation, to find out what is hidden behind their perfect makeup. As he gets to know them, their protective layers begin to fade, and in front of his eyes they make progressive steps towards adulthood.


Máté Kőrösi

Máté Kőrösi was born in Budapest in 1992. He concluded his BA studies at ELTE Film Studies, afterwards he graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts as a documentary filmmaker. During his period at ELTE University, he focused on making fiction movies, like Szuper (2015), which was screened at many Hungarian short film festivals. His previous short documentary, Adults (2018), is a heart-warming story about the director’s relationship with his mother. Divas is his first feature length documentary.

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2021, 80'

Directed by:
Máté Kőrösi

Screenplay by:
Eszter Angyalosy, Pál Gáspár Gelléri, Máté Kőrösi, Alexandra Láng

Edited by:
Alexandra Láng

Márk Bartha

Borbála Csukás, Kata Oláh

Produced by:
Makabor Studio

Festivals & Awards:

Verzio IFF: Audience Award (2021)
Sarajevo FF (2021)


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