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A House Made of Splinters

Simon Lereng Wilmont
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05.04. / Tuesday, 20:00 - 22:00 Theatre 1 Ticket
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In this war-worn and impoverished corner of Eastern Ukraine where addiction casts a long shadow, there sits a safe haven for children temporarily removed from their parents. A House Made of Splinters follows three kids awaiting their fate — will they go back or move on to a new home? — while a group of dedicated social workers create small moments of joy and respite from childhoods all but lost. Filmmaker Simon Lereng Wilmont returns with a follow-up to his acclaimed first feature, The Distant Barking of Dogs, offering a unique look into how the long-term consequences of war on a society already under strain impacts the most vulnerable.


Simon Lereng Wilmont

Simon Lereng Wilmont was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. He graduated as a Documentary Film Director from The National Film School of Denmark in 2009. His first feature documentary film The Distant Barking of Dogs (2017), premiered at IDFA, and was awarded Best First Appearance. It has since then won 35+ awards worldwide, among these the McBaine Documentary Feature Award at San Francisco’s SFFILM Festival, it was nominated for a European Film Award (EFA 2018), an Emmy (2020), and shortlisted for an Oscar (2019). The film also won a Peabody Award (2020). As a director, his films also include Dormitory Master (2009), Above Ground, Beneath the Sky (2008), Chikara - The Sumo Wrestler’s Son (2013) and The Fencing Champion (2014).

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A House Made of Splinters

Finland, Denmark, Ukraine, Sweden
2021, 86'

Directed by:
Simon Lereng Wilmont

Simon Lereng Wilmont

Edited by:
Michael Aaglund

Uno Helmersson

Monica Hellström

Produced by:
Final Cut for Real

Festivals & Awards:

Göteborg FF: Best Nordic Documentary (2022)
Sundance FF: Directing Award (2022)


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