Next Week Zagreb Hosts Filmmaker from around the World!


In the week to come ZagrebDox is hosting many events dedicated to discussion on film

The opening film, Summer Nights, will be presented in person by director Ohad Milstein, while Peter Kerekes (107 Mothers), Paweł Łoziński (The Balcony Movie), Simon Lereng Wilmont (A House Made of Splinters) and Jon Bang Carlsen (Banality of Grief) return to ZagrebDox.

Zahavi Sanjavi (Imad’s Childhood), Tea Lukač (Roots), Matteo Tortone (The Mother Lode), Nicolas Peduzzi (Ghost Song), Sierra Petengill (Riotsville, USA), Andrei Kutsila (When Flowers Are Not Silent) will also present their films to the audience. Kathrine Skibsted (Love Me, Love Me Not), Máté Kőrösi (Divas), Sebastian Mihailescu (You Are Ceauşescu to Me), Marija Zidar (Reconciliation), Annabel Verbeke, Frederik Nicolai and Ljubo Zdjelarević (Four Seasons in a Day), Jannis Lenz (Soldat Ahmet) and Valerie Blankenbyl (The Bubble).

Apart from being a member of the Movies That Matter jury, Serbian director Janko Baljak is also a guest at ZagrebDox as the author of ŽŽŽ (Journal of Želimir Žilnik), while Želimir Žilnik himself will visit the festival in a triple role: as the protagonist of this biopic which takes the viewers around the locations where this great filmmaker shot during his more than half a century long film career, as the author of short documentaries that will be shown in the retrospective program Želimir Žilnik: Fragments of the Migrant Worker Opus and, along with Sari Volanen, as a mentor to this year’s ZagrebDox Pro.