Glenda Balucani & Miguel Ribeiro: Presentation of Doclisboa industry programme Nebulae

Presentation / Wednesday, 16.06., 19:00, Gallery SC

Industry programme Nebulae is a space for networking, taking place in Lisbon during the Doclisboa International Film Festival. Every year, the Nebulae programming committee chooses a partner country and invites its film professionals to present their projects and films in development. This year, with the support of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Doclisboa will host film authors and their projects which are Croatian productions and co-productions.

ZagrebDox will in turn host Glenda Balucani and Miguel Ribeiro, Doclisboa programming representatives, who will present the Nebulae programme to Croatian directors, producers and other film professionals at ZagrebDox and invite them to submit their projects for the next edition of the festival in Lisbon.