Female directors in Croatian documentary production

The Boy Who Rushed

Biljana Čakić

An intimate story about the director’s search for her brother who went missing during the war in Croatia in 1991. The film is also a reminiscence of the story of the author’s grand- mother who lost her husband in World War II. The Boy Who Rushed is considered one of the best and most awarded Croatian documentaries in the past two decades.


Biljana Čakić

Biljana Čakić obtained her degree from the Zagreb Academy of Visual Arts. In 1992, she made her first war-related documentary Maja II. Her documentary cycle Killing Fields (1999/2000) was made as a result of her collaboration with the Association of the Families of Missing Croatian Soldiers and POWs. A year later, she completed the multi-award winning film The Boy Who Rushed, documenting her search for her missing brother. In 2007, she directed the docu-fiction film Zagorka and in 2011 her first feature-length fiction Step by Step. Her film Jazz Apartment (or How the Last Minute Open Jazz Festival Came to Be), co-directed with Tomislav Lovro Pavlek in 2012, was presented at the 2013 ZagrebDox. Marathon Men (2016) was screened in Regional Competition of the 2017 ZagrebDox.

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Dečko kojem se žurilo

2001, 53'

Directed by:
Biljana Čakić

Screenplay by:
Biljana Čakić

Predrag Vekić, Boris Krstinić

Edited by:
Uja Irgolič


Nenad Puhovski

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

Croatian Film Days 2001 – Grand Prix, Best Documentary, Best Directing, The Golden Lamp Award; Vladimir Nazor Award for Film 2001; Images Festival Toronto 2002 – Best International Film; Humanity in the World Festival 2003 – Silver Medal; See Docs Dubrovnik 2001 – First Prize; IDFA 2001; Ann Arbor Film Festival 2002; Athens International Film Festival 2002; Balkan Black Box 2002;DokMa International Film Festival 2001; Festival of Festivals 2001; Krakow International Short Film Festival 2002; Motovun Film Festival 2001; Mediteran Film Festival Široki Brijeg 2002; On The Road Film Festival 2002; World Human Rights Film Festival 2002; European Film Festival Palić 2002; Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2002; Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2002; Vivisect International Human Rights Film Festival 2002


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