Female directors in Croatian documentary production


Katarina Zrinka Matijević

A five-year-old boy is completely uninterested in food, which results in conflicts with his mother. The effort she invests in feeding him is equal to the boy’s effort not to eat the offered food. The longer the lunch, the clumsier is their balance on the verge of fight. The duel between the boy’s resourcefulness and the spoon, the tears and mother’s love, ends with the victory of the more persistent. The last bites are either left on the plate, or leave with the boy to bed in his mouth. 


Katarina Zrinka Matijević

Katarina Zrinka Matijević graduated in 2002 from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Arts with a degree in Film and TV Directing. She also earned her Philosophy and Comparative Literature degree from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. In addition to writing scripts and directing documentary and feature films, she is a docent at VERN College of Applied Sciences where she teaches Introduction to Documentary Film Directing. Zrinka first gained public attention with her award-winning student film Duel (1998). Her first professional documentary On Cows and Men (2002, co-directed by Nebojša Slijepčević) has been screened at major international festivals such as IDFA, Munich, etc. In 2003, she filmed Peščenopolis. Her documentary A Two Way Mirror (2016) received an Oktavijan Award, and has been screened at a number of prestigious documentary festivals. Her first feature film, The Trampoline, premiered in the summer of 2016. After numerous screenings at international festivals, the film is used to educate staff at clinics for paediatric and adolescent psychology and psychiatry throughout Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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1998, 12'

Directed by:
Katarina Zrinka Matijević

Screenplay by:
Katarina Zrinka Matijević

Tamara Cesarec

Edited by:
Maja Jureković

Produced by:
Akademija dramske umjetnosti, Zagreb

Festivals & Awards:

Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 2000 – Best Documentary; Filmfest München 1999 – Jury Award; Croatian Film Days 1999 – Grand Prix, Oktavian Award, Jelena Rajković Award; The Dean's List 1999; UNICA Lappeenranta 1999 – Diploma; Prix Europa 1999; Potsdam Student Film Festival 1999; Pula Film Festival 1999


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10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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