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The Foundation Pit

Andrej Grjazev
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18.06. / Friday, 21:00 - 23:00 MM Centar Ticket

Ever since Putin’s government curbed freedom of the press in Russia, criticism has been unwelcome. And yet, all over the country, there are the disaffected and dissatisfied, local citizens’ groups and generally disillusioned people who want to make their specific requests for help, their anger and their despair heard. They are turning to their president Putin, who enthroned himself in the media as the father figure to all Russians. He’s is being directly addressed by people of all ages, in the hope that things will improve. For even in the most remote villages there are dashcams, mobile phones and video cameras, and just enough internet connection to upload these self-made tirades to YouTube. These clips are at the heart of Andrei Gryazev’s found-footage documentary making it a tremendous groundswell, an uproar that becomes a plea against censorship in Russia.


Andrej Grjazev

Andrey Gryazev, born in 1982 in Moscow, has a figure skating career under his belt. He graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Culture as director of theatrical performances and worked as ballet dancer. Gryazev graduated from the First National School of TV as editor and from the Higher Courses of Film Writers & Directors. He gained recognition with his documentary film Tomorrow (2012).

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The Foundation Pit

2020, 72'

Directed by:
Andrej Grjazev

Screenplay by:
Andrey Gryazev

Edited by:
Andrey Gryazev

Andrey Gryazev

Produced by:
Andrey Gryazev

Festivals & Awards:

Berlin International Film Festival 2020
IDFA 2020
RIDM 2020
Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2020
ArtDocFest Moscow 2020 
ArtDocFest Riga 2020 
Krakow Film Festival 2020 
Tallin Black Nights Film Festival 2020
Watch Docs Human Rights Film Festival 2020
Athens International Film Festival 2020
Atlantida Film Fest 2020
Moldox International Film Festival 2020
DOCK International Documentary Historical Film Festival 2020
Human Rights Film Festival “Inconvenient Films” 2020
MOVE IT! Filmfestival for Human Rights and Development 2020
Festival international de film du Belfort - Entre Vues International Film Festival 2020


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