Controversial Dox

Episodes – Spring 2018

Mathilde Girard
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16.06. / Wednesday, 22:00 - 00:00 Ticket

This is semidocumentary study of Charlotte, Luc, and Marta, Paris students aged between 25 and 30. A superbly-edited patchwork of conversations and monologues, the film snapshots a generation touched directly by socio-political upheavals – a triple portrait which eventually sees a fourth character enter and stimulatingly expand the frame, in the form of director Girard herself.


Mathilde Girard

Mathilde Girard is a psychoanalyst and a writer born in Paris. As a trained philosopher, she regularly contributes to the journal “Lignes” and is the author of several books that link philosophy, psychoanalysis, literature and cinema. Her latest work focuses on the forms of self-portrait. She currently works as a screenwriter with director Pierre Creton. Episodes – spring 2018 (2020) is her first film.

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Les épisodes – printemps 2018

2020, 30'

Directed by:
Mathilde Girard

Screenplay by:
Mathilde Girard, Marta Camell-Galí, Chalotte Bayer-Broc, Luc Chessel

Miguel Armas

Edited by:
Mario Valero, Valérie Massadian

Lorenzo Bianchi, Anthony Lapia

Produced by:
Société Acéphale

Festivals & Awards:

FID Marseille 2020 – Best First Film
New York Film Festival 2020
Black Canvas 2020
FIFIB Bordeaux 2020
Sheffield Doc / Fest 2020
Viennale 2020
Doclisboa 2020


Lorenzo Bianchi