Regional Competition

Now I Am Irena

Jasmina Beširević
Screening time  
16.06. / Wednesday, 18:00 - 20:00 Ticket
17.06. / Thursday, 19:00 - 21:00 MM Centar Ticket

A young woman remembers a seemingly trivial argument she had with her ex-husband while she was pregnant. Using elements of psychodrama, she enters the role of herself in the past attempting to tackle the suppressed emotions caused by his abuse. When she switches into the role of her then husband, she begins to realize the possible reasons for his aggressive behaviour.  


Jasmina Beširević

Jasmina Beširević was born in Zagreb, and lived and studied in Germany and USA, where she earned a BA in ecology and MA in pedagogy. She is a student of documentary filmmaking at the Department of Film and TV Directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. For years she worked as a school teacher and attended numerous film workshops and seminars. She is the author of The Last Picture Show (2019) and All Good Things (2017). She is currently in post-production with her documentary feature debut Bosanski Brodvej.

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Sad sam ja Irena

2021, 13'

Directed by:
Jasmina Beširević

Screenplay by:
Jasmina Beširević

Magdalena Ptiček

Edited by:
Dora Slakoper

Jasmina Beširević

Produced by:
Akademija dramske umjetnosti u Zagrebu


Jasmina Beširević