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Love Around the World

Anđela Rostuhar, Davor Rostuhar
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18.06. / Friday, 20:00 - 22:00 Ticket
19.06. / Saturday, 17:00 - 19:00 MM Centar Ticket
20.06. / Sunday, 20:00 - 22:00 Ticket

From the deep rainforests of the Amazon and remote villages in the Himalayas, across small island countries in the Pacific and slums in Africa, all the way to some of the world’s biggest metropolises, the documentary shows us 33 different stories about love and marriage, their challenges and struggles and ups and downs, creating a unique ode to love that reminds us that love is never simple, yet also, that there are few things on Earth as simple as loving.  


Anđela Rostuhar

Anđela Rostuhar was born in Zagreb in 1985, where she graduated in Entrepreneurship Economics at Vern University. After working in the tourist sector for ten years, in 2015 she got a job at the Expeditions and Culture Club (KEK), where she is in charge of organizing cultural events and marketing. She is the executive producer of Polar Dream (2018) and, together with Davor Rostuhar, the co-author of Love around the World (2020).    


Davor Rostuhar

Davor Rostuhar was born in Zagreb in 1982 and has worked as a writer, journalist and photographer since 2001. He earned the status of independent artist with the Croatian Freelance Artists' Association in 2008. He worked as an associate for numerous magazines, such as the National Geographic Croatia, Meridijani and Geo. Since 2013 he has been more focused on his own long-term projects within the Expeditions and Culture Club, of which he is co-founder and president. He is the author of numerous exhibitions, eight books and two documentary films: Polar Dream (2018) and, together with Anđela Rostuhar, Love around the World (2020). 

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Ljubav oko svijeta

Germany, Croatia
2020, 75'

Directed by:
Anđela Rostuhar, Davor Rostuhar

Screenplay by:
Anđela Rostuhar, Davor Rostuhar

Davor Rostuhar

Edited by:
Ivan Živalj, Marin Nekić (asistent montaže)

Anđela Rostuhar, Davor Rostuhar, Miodrag Sila, Nebojša Taraba, Andreas Martin

Produced by:
Klub za ekspedicionizam i kulturu (KEK), Drugi Plan, Autentic


Anđela Rostuhar
T. +38598616477