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Piedra sola

Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf
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19.06. / Saturday, 16:00 - 18:00 Ticket

The hamlet of Condor lies in the Puna grasslands of the northern highlands of Argentina, at some four thousand metres above sea level, close to the border with Bolivia. Here, a lama herder lives with his family. He and his son sell lama meat and wool in the closest city, which is still a long trip on foot and by bus. When the herd is threatened by a puma, the herder goes in search of the predator. According to local custom, he has to make an offering to the beast. Through his search, a mystical exchange is revealed between him, his ancestors and the changing form of the puma. Director has made an honest, respectful portrait of a culture that is inextricably and organically bound to nature.


Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf

Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf, born in 1984, in Argentina, studied Cinema at Buenos Aires University and Cinematography at SICA. His short films have been screened at international film festivals including IFFR, BAFICI, Busan, Montreal, and La Habana. In 2014 he was selected for the 9th Buenos Aires Talents by Berlinale Film Festival and in 2015 he was selected as an audiovisual artist as part of Biennale of Young Artists, Buenos Aires. Piedra sola (2020) is his first feature film.

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Piedra sola

2020, 72'

Directed by:
Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf

Screenplay by:
Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf, Lucas Distefano

Alberto Balazs

Edited by:
Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf

Eva Knutsdotter Vikstrom

Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf, Alberto Balazs

Produced by:
Viento Cine

Festivals & Awards:

Andrey Tarkovsky Zerkalo International Film Festival 2020 – Professional Achievement Award
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2020
RIDM 2020
Cartagena Film Festival 2020
Fribourg International film festival 2020
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2020
Frames of Representation 2020
Reykjavik International Film Festival 2020
São Paulo International Film Festival 2020
Valladolid International Film Festival 2020
Festival dei Popoli – International Documentary Film Festival 2020
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2020
New Horizons International Film Festival 2020
Jerusalem Film Festival 2020
Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival 2020
Hainan International Film Festival 2020


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