Bitter love

Jerzy Sladkowski
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On a three-week cruise on the river Volga, passengers are looking for an escape from their lives, looking for change – and looking for love. This floating matchmaking agency has it all. There are tarot cards and spells. There’s piano playing and opera. There are gym classes on the deck. There are melancholy men with guitars and song lyrics scribbled in notebooks, there are torn photographs of bygone loves. There’s vodka, of course, lots of vodka. 
Static, unglamorous yet poetic images of the seemingly endless shores of the Volga paint a backdrop for the passengers’ emotional journeys. Inside the ship, the intimacy of the encounters takes viewers of the film on their own journey, into the rivers of two universal human feelings: loneliness and undying hope. 


Jerzy Sladkowski

Jerzy Sladkowski was born in Poland in 1945. He studied film and TV at the School of Journalism in Warsaw and worked for TVP in Poland before emigrating to Sweden in 1982. He has produced and directed over 40 films, mostly documentaries for television, including Lappsjukan (2001), My American Family (2004), Best Friends (2006), Vodka Factory (2010). Don Juan is his latest film.

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Bitter Love

Poland, Finland, Sweden
2020, 86'

Directed by:
Jerzy Sladkowski

Screenplay by:
Jerzy Sladkowski

Wojciech Staron

Edited by:
Jakub Sladkowski

Seppo Kantonen, Timo Hietala, Helena Juntunen

Antonio Russo Merenda, Ulla Simonen, Ilona Tolmunen, Lucyna Kowalska, Dariusz Kowalski

Produced by:
Ginestra Film, Made, Ragusa Film

Festivals & Awards:

IDFA 2020
CPH:Dox 2020
Camerimage 2020
Docaviv IDFA 2020
Artdocfest IDFA 2020
Krakow Film Festival 2020
Magnificent Seven Festival 2020
Gijón International Film Festival 2020
Black Nights Film Festival 2020
Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival 2020
Transilvania International Film Festival IDFA 2020
Vilnius International Film Festival IDFA 2020
HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival 2020


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