Fipresci Jury


Ruggero Calich

Ruggero Calich is a freelance film critic since 2012, mainly focusing on documentaries from all around the world. His reviews, mostly dealing with human rights and signed with various pen names, have been published in many Internet sites, newspapers and magazines in Turkey. He’s a member of SİYAD, the Association of Cinema Writers of Turkey. Calich has collaborated with the Istanbul Film Festival as jury translator, guest companion, presenter and catalogue writer and presently as moderator and documentary advisor. He was co-curator for the documentary screenings in minifest organized by art gallery Trieste Contemporanea. He is also an advisor for the Human Rights Documentary Film Days organized in the city of İzmir by the Foundation for Human Rights in Turkey.


Steffen Moestrup

Steffen Moestrup, PhD, is senior associate professor at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark. His research areas include documentary film, digital storytelling and cultural criticism. His PhD was a case study of persona-driven journalism at the Danish radio station Radio24syv. Moestrup has a background in print and television journalism and has produced a number of documentary films. He is a member of the International Federation of Film Critics (Fipresci) and a board member of Humanities and Social Sciences Association (HSSA) at the University of California, Berkeley. Moestrup also works as a freelance film and literature critic. He has been a jury member at various film festivals including Cannes, Toronto, Dubai, Perm, Mumbai and Thessaloniki.


Justine Smith

Justine Smith is a freelance film writer based in Montreal, QC. She is a contributor at Hyperallergic, Roger Ebert and POV Magazine. Justine also programs the Underground Section at the Fantasia International Film Festival and as an associate programmer at Cinéma Moderne in Montreal.