The Best of the Rest

The Person

Sunčica Ana Veldić
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After the earthquake in Zagreb, the director leaves her apartment in the damaged city centre and travels to an island. As she is spending her evening filming a landscape of an empty cove, in her camera shutter she discovers an interesting scene.


Sunčica Ana Veldić

Sunčica Ana Veldić has an MA in veterinary surgery and documentary film from the Academy of Dramatic Art. She is a member of Kinoklub Zagreb and before studying at the Academy she made a few award-winning documentary and experimental short films (Hrvatska Djevica, Tenant, Hux Flux, Smokvin sin). Her short documentary films White Trash and Precijenjena dramaturgija were screened at several national and international film festivals, such as Tampere Film Festival.

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2020, 8'

Directed by:
Sunčica Ana Veldić

Screenplay by:
Sunčica Ana Veldić

Sunčica Ana Veldić

Edited by:
Sunčica Ana Veldić

Sunčica Ana Veldić

Produced by:
Anahonda film

Festivals & Awards:

Corona Short Film Festival 2020. – posebno priznanje; Betina Film Festival 2020.