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Maasja Ooms
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The parents are at their wits' end, so a temporary supervision order is the last hope for a group of teenagers in Punks. Now, on a remote farm in France, they are going to have to get their lives back on track, with the help of a counsellor. If they want any chance of a happy life, they need to engage in some frank and painful conversations. Mitchel has to find a way to get along with his father, but maybe too much has already happened since his mother died. Jahlano is at a different stage: he is no longer allowed to live with his mother, and needs to get over the disappointment. Mike, meanwhile, is struggling with his image as a boy who has "a loose screw." Filmed by director Maasja Ooms, the teenagers try to tame their demons with music and therapy, but problems from the past keep resurfacing. In this intimate and sincere portrait, these troubled kids show us their most vulnerable sides.


Maasja Ooms

Maasja Ooms is a film director born in 1968 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She studied photography in The Hague and Amsterdam and the Touch Film and Television Academy. After working as a cinematographer for 15 years, she also started working as an editor. In 2013, Maasja started an extensive research, focussing on observations about the behaviour between people. This led to the production of two films, which she directed, filmed and edited: Tussen Mensen (2015) and Alicia (2017). Punks (2019) is her latest documentary.

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2019, 92'

Directed by:
Maasja Ooms

Screenplay by:
Maasja Ooms

Maasja Ooms

Edited by:
Sander Vos

Willemijn Cerutti

Produced by:
Cerutti Film

Festivals & Awards:

IDFA Award for Best Editing, IDFA Award for Best Cinematography, Special Mention for Best Dutch documentary; DocPoint Helsinki 2020; Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2020; Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2019; Docudays UA 2020 - Special Mention; Munich International Documentary Festival (DOK.fest)


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