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Robert Tomić Zuber
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Is vaccination a taboo topic – a dogma around which it is not allowed to raise any questions? Then, what about those who decide to raise them anyway? Are they simply lunatics putting the society, especially children, at risk with their conspiracy theories? Does even the decision to make a documentary about a Croatian scientist who questions the vaccination dogma in the Balkan region pose a threat to our society? Is it possible to find common ground between those who claim there is no alternative to vaccination and those who do not oppose it, yet want to know if the vaccines we are given are safe?


Robert Tomić Zuber

Robert Tomić Zuber was born in 1976 in Pula. He works as a journalist and editor in print media, radio and television. After 11 years of working for the Croatian Radiotelevision, in 2016 he resigned and set up his own production company, TOROlab. In 2001, he directed Dreams from a Railway Station, documenting Đorđe Balašević’s three-day stay and charity concert at the Pula Arena. His documentary, The Accidental Son, screened at ZagrebDox in 2008 and his Mila Seeking Senida (2010) at its 2014 edition. Candidate, a film he co-directed with Tomislav Pulić, screened at the 2016 ZagrebDox and You Can Be Whatever You Want (2016) at the 2017 ZagrebDox. He is a lecturer at Vern Polytechnic.

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Pitaj slobodno

Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2019, 44'

Directed by:
Robert Tomić Zuber

Screenplay by:
Robert Tomić Zuber, Tomislav Pulić

Nevio Smajić, Mario Boršćak

Edited by:
Nevio Smaijć, Robert Tomić Zuber

Robert Tomić Zuber

Produced by:
Al Jazeera Balkans, TOROlab.

Festivals & Awards:

AJB DOC Film Festival 2019


Dobri dol 44
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
T. +385951991936
Robert Tomić Zuber