Lucy Walker Retrospective

Waste Land

Lucy Walker

Waste Land took almost three years to film. It follows the journey of the renowned artists Vik Muniz from his home in Brooklyn to his native Brazil and the largest landfill in the world, on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Muniz films catadores, a colourful group of recyclable waste collectors. The director at first only wanted to "paint" them with the waste they collect, but collaboration with inspiring characters resulted in something much bigger.

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Waste Land

Great Britain, Brazil
2010, 98'

Directed by:
Lucy Walker

Screenplay by:
Lucy Walker

Dudu Miranda

Edited by:
Pedro Kos, Karen Harley


Angus Aynsley, Hank Levine,

Produced by:
Almega Projects Ltd, Almega Projects Ltd,

Festivals & Awards:

Academy Awards 2011 – Oscar Nominee Best Feature Documentary; Sundance Film Festival 2010 – Audience Award World Cinema Documentary; IDA Documentary Award 2010 – Best Documentary Pare Lorentz Award; ZagrebDox 2011 – Audience Award; Berlin International Film Festival 2010 – Panorama Audience Award, Amnesty International Film Award; Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2010 – Audience Award; Seattle International Film Festival 2010 – Golden Space Needle Award; São Paulo International Film Festival 2010 – Best Documentary Feature; ACIE Awards, Brazil 2012 – ACIE Award Best Documentary; Amazonas Film Festival 2010 – Special Jury Award;  Boulder International Film Festival 2011 – BIFF Award; Cinema Brazil Grand Prize 2012 – Best Documentary, Best Editing; Dallas International Film Festival 2010 – Best Documentary; Festin Lisboa Film Festival 2011 – Audience Award, Honorable Mention; Heartland International Film Festival 2010 – Crystal Heart Award Best Documentary; Provincetown International Film Festival 2010 – Audience Award; Sedona International Film Festival 2011 – Best Documentary, Audience Award; Stockholm Film Festival 2010 – Audience Award; Vancouver International Film Festival 2010 – Most Popular Film; Paulinia Film Festival 2010 – Best Film, Audience Award; Durban International Film Festival 2010 – Best Documentary, Audience Choice Best Film, Amnesty International Durban Human Rights Award