Author's Night - Goran Dević

Imported Crows

Goran Dević
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09.10. / Friday, 19:00 - 21:00  
"Film on Nature and Society"

The number of crows have multiplied in the director's hometown. The people treat them as temporary and unwanted guests...


Goran Dević

Goran Dević was born in Sisak in 1971. He graduated in Film and TV Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, where he currently works as docent in the Film and TV Directing BA and MA programs. He is the author of award-winning documentary films: On the Water (2018), The Steel Mill Café (2017), 65+ (2016), Two Furnaces for Udarnik Josip Trojko (2012), Don Juan: Excuse Me, Miss (2010), The Flood (2010), Happy Land (2009), Three (2008), I Have Nothing Nice to Say to You (2005), Imported Crows (2004) and others. He is the co-director and co-screenwriter of feature film The Blacks (2009), which won several awards: Grand Prix at Ljubljana International Film Festival 2009, Grand Prix at Auteur Film Festival Serbia 2009, FIPRESCI Award and Special Award for Directing at FilmFestival Cottbus 2009, and Golden Arena for Directing at Pula Film Festival 2009. Retrospectives of his documentaries were screened at Arsenal Berlin and Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz.

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Uvozne vrane

2004, 21'

Directed by:
Goran Dević

Mario Oljača, Mak Vejzović

Edited by:
Vanja Siruček

Produced by:
Akademija dramske umjetnosti, Zagreb

Festivals & Awards:

Motovun Film Festival 2004 – Jameson Short Film Award; Sarajevo Film Festival 2004 – Human Rights International Award; Dani hrvatskog filma 2004 – Grand Prix, najbolji scenarij, najbolji redatelj, Oktavijan – nagrada filmskih kritičara; Rektorova nagrada Sveučilišta u Zagrebu 2004; Međunarodni filmski festival u Rotterdamu 2005; Međunarodni filmski festival goEast 2005; Filmski festival u Corku 2005; Međunarodni filmski festival Fest 2005; Međunarodni filmski festival u Helsinkiju 2005; Dubrovnik Film Festival 2005; Međunarodni filmski festival u Oberhausenu 2004; BFI London Film Festival 2004; Filmski festival u Solothurnu 2004; Međunarodni filmski festival u Kanzasu 2004; Astra Film Festival 2004


Akademija dramske umjetnosti
Trg Republike Hrvatske 5
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Goran Dević