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Go Game

Nadina Maličbegović
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17.03. / Tuesday, 20:00 - 22:00 Theatre 6 Ticket
19.03. / Thursday, 13:00 - 15:00 Theatre 1 Ticket

Since the beginning of 2019, over 20 000 refugees and migrants have crossed Bosnia and Herzegovina. They want to reach Western Europe. Rugged terrain and the behaviour of Croatian police make the journey difficult, but they are not giving up. Prompted by cruel destiny, fleeing from war in search of a better future for their children, they are determined to continue the journey. At the heart of the film story is an Iraqi family trying to reach Germany, because their little girl has been diagnosed with a spinal condition called Spina bifida and needs to undergo surgery. She cannot get the treatment either in Greece or in B&H. Despite the brutality they experienced throughout the journey, her parents' perseverance has not wavered even after more than twenty futile attempts to cross the border and reach the desired country. They call it The Game. However, it turns out to be much more than that.


Nadina Maličbegović

Nadina Maličbegović, born in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1980, is journalist and works for Aljazeera Balkans since 2011. She earned her MA in Communicology in 2005 at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo. As a news correspondent, she covers social and political issues, as well as key international events. Go Game (2019) is her film debut.

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Go Game

Bosnia and Herzegovina
2019, 51'

Directed by:
Nadina Maličbegović

Screenplay by:
Nadina Maličbegović

Husein Nemer, Adnel Pašić, Jasmin Omerspahić

Edited by:
Damir Brkanić, Sanin Džafo

AJMN Music Library

Lejla Dedić

Produced by:
Al Jazeera Balkans


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