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Probably Dead

Ivan Grgur
Screening time  
21.03. / Saturday, 16:00 - 18:00 Theatre 7 Ticket

How many imaginary terminal illnesses can one have before dying of fear and anxiety? This short film balances along a fine line between comedy and tragedy and serves as an introduction into hypochondria via Google for dummies: from the first self-diagnosis, followed by the arguments with the doctors, to almost certain death. Its protagonists are angry that they cannot get an official confirmation of their suppositions, and the hunt for the illness becomes an illness onto itself.


Ivan Grgur

Ivan Grgur studied communication sciences and journalism in Venice, Trieste and Lisbon. He is one of the initiators and organizers of the Indirekt – Art&Music Festival and Arena Open in Umag, Croatia. His debut short documentary Probably Dead (2019) was created as part of the Restart School of Documentary Film.

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Sigurno mrtvi

2019, 11'

Directed by:
Ivan Grgur

Screenplay by:
Ivan Grgur

Ivan Grgur

Edited by:
Ivan Grgur

Anita Bastašić

Produced by:
Restart – Škola dokumentarnog filma

Festivals & Awards:

CINEMED Montpellier 2019; Liburnia Film Festival 2019; STIFF Rijeka 2019; Filmski festival u Betini 2019 / Betina Film Festival 2019; Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival 2019; Sinevizyon International Short Film Festival 2019; Festival de Cinema de Alter do Chão 2019; Magma Film Festival 2019; Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival 2019; Filmski Front Novi Sad 2019; Luksuz festival poceni filma 2019


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