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Searching Eva

Pia Hellenthal
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18.03. / Wednesday, 13:00 - 15:00 Theatre 5 Ticket
19.03. / Thursday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 6 Ticket

Eva Collé is an Italian, born in 1992, now living in Berlin. She describes herself in the following key words: non-binary, Virgo, bisexual, autistic, sex worker, writer, musician, anarchist, feminist, drug addict. She is also a model, blogger and Instagrammer. A restless spirit, she regularly moves from one part of the city to another accompanied by her white cat. Eva remains elusive, and that is the point this film is making—identity is something that is constantly changing. Eva (a self-chosen name) is both strong and vulnerable, contemplative and impulsive. In the documentary, she reveals herself completely, yet many things about her still remain a mystery. We follow Eva in the varied activities of her daily life: at a photo shoot, in a hotel room with a client, in bed with a boyfriend, at the table with her family. Meanwhile, captions – questions and comments from her followers – are followed by her reactions. “I dedicate my life to show the world that one can pretend to be whoever they want,” she writes. Day after day, Eva is a living proof of this.


Pia Hellenthal

Pia Hellenthal is a Cologne based writer and director working in fiction and documentary films. In 2013 she graduated from Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Her short films were screened and awarded at various international film festivals. She has been working for publications like VICE, where her work got nominated for the Lovie Awards and licensed to international TV Stations. Award winning Searching Eva (2019) is her feature debut.

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Searching Eva

2019, 84'

Directed by:
Pia Hellenthal

Screenplay by:
Pia Hellenthal, Giorgia Malatrasi

Janis Mazuch

Edited by:
Yana Höhnerbach

Erik Winker, Martin Roelly

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

HOT DOCS 2019; IDFA 2019; Međunarodni filmski festival u Berlinu 2019 / Berlin International Film Festival 2019; CPH:DOX 2019; AFI DOCS 2019; AFI FEST 2019; Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019; RIDM 2019; Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2019; Dokufest 2019; Sarajevo Film Festival 2019; DOK.fest Munich 2019; Message to Man 2019; Jeonju International Film Festival 2019; Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2019; Outview Film Festival 2019; Frameline Film Festival 2019; Biografilm Festival 2019; Munich International Documentary Film Festival 2019; SEOUL International Women's Film Festival 2019; Queer Lisboa 2019; Macao International Documentary Film Festival 2019; Helsinki International Film Festival 2019; Bergen International Film Festival 2019; Milano Film Festival 2019; Riga International Film Festival 2019; Tulum International Film Festival 2019; Santiago International Documentary Festival 2019


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