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XY Chelsea

Tim Travers Hawkins
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16.03. / Monday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 7 Ticket
18.03. / Wednesday, 16:00 - 18:00 Theatre 7 Ticket

How did the war in Iraq founded on deception end with the court-marshal of the one who told the truth? This question frames XY Chelsea, a documentary set in the aftermath of the release from prison of Chelsea Manning, a former U.S. Army soldier and intelligence analyst convicted of violating the Espionage Act in 2013, after leaking classified US documents to WikiLeaks. Manning's information revealed illegal practices – such as torture and abuse of detainees and the unreported deaths of over 15,000 civilians – involving the US military. While imprisoned, Manning, a trans woman, also began to transition medically. The film offers an insight into her motivation for whistleblowing, and ultimately, for taking on the US government. What is seemingly a portrait of a polarizing figure of the recent American history, also doubles as a blueprint on how patriotic Americans can resist an unlawful ruler.


Tim Travers Hawkins

Tim Travers Hawkins is an award-winning independent director, cinematographer and multimedia artist. He co-founded the award-winning Colombian experimental film collective Cinemachete, whose work included El Otro Lado de La Cienaga (2007), Oury Jalloh (2008), and Posh (2010). Further credits include the acclaimed animated film 1000 Voices (2009), Surpriseville (2010), and the interactive project Invisible Picture Show (2013).

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XY Chelsea

Great Britain
2019, 92'

Directed by:
Tim Travers Hawkins

Screenplay by:
Mark Monroe

Tim Travers Hawkins

Jon Evans

Edited by:
Enat Sidi, Andrea B. Scott

Julia Nottingham, Lucas Ochoa, Thomas Benski, Isabel Davis

Produced by:
Pulse Films

Festivals & Awards:

Cinema Eye Honors Awards 2020 – The Unforgettables; Tribeca Film Festival 2019; Hot Docs 2019; IDFA 2019; Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019; DocPoint 2019; Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2019; Zurich Film Festival 2019; Sydney Film Festival 2019; DokuFest 2019; Traverse City Film Festival 2019; QDoc Film Festival 2019


19-23 Ironmonger Row
London EC1V 3QN, UK