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Daughter of Camorra

Siniša Gačić
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05.10. / Monday, 18:00 - 20:00 Ticket

The former Camorra killer, Cristina Pinto, faces challenges of everyday life after her release from the Italian prison. Soon after her release, her partner Rafaele, twenty years her senior, is diagnosed with lung cancer. Cristina seeks refuge with her 28-year-old daughter Ellena, trying to bridge a 24-year-long gap in their relationship. At the age of 46, she tries to re-establish herself as a lover, mother, and grandmother.


Siniša Gačić

Siniša Gačić is a journalist, director and screenwriter, born in Ljubljana in 1980. He graduated in film and TV editing from the Academy for theatre, radio, film and television in Ljubljana in 2013, continuing his postgraduate studies in TV directing. Since 1999, he has collaborated with the Slovenian national television as journalist and director of documentary films, and has written articles for the famous Slovenian weekly, Mladina. Author of documentaries Student Forever (2009), Kupi me! (2012) and Mako (2014), while his feature-length documentary debut Boj za (2014) received the Vesna award for best feature film at the Festival of Slovenian Film in 2014. Together with Dominik Mencej, he co-directed the feature documentary Growing Up (2017), and Daughter of Camorra (2019) is his latest films.

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Figlia di Camorra

Slovenia, Italy
2019, 80'

Directed by:
Siniša Gačić

Screenplay by:
Anka Pirš

Siniša Gačić

Edited by:
Andrej Nagode

Damir Avdić

Dunja Klemenc, Ognjen Dizdarevic, Siniša Gačić

Produced by:
Studio Maj, Balandi Arts, Zuhr

Festivals & Awards:

Festival of Slovenian Film 2019 – Best Documentary Film; Sarajevo Film Festival 2019; K3 Film Festival 2019


Siniša Gačić
Staretova ulica 14
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T. +38641923035