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Ilya Povolotskiy
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From the Barents Sea, a chill wind seems to blow constantly across a semi-deserted town at the edge of the world. Nevertheless, a little community holds out here. Bardak was a marine, but his garrison broke up and his comrades sought a better life elsewhere. He stayed behind among the many empty buildings that are slowly but surely being consumed by the elements. Meanwhile, Dima, a young poacher, flouts as many rules as he can, but gives friendly directions to lost tourists and reads lovingly to his little daughter. Alexander is locked in a silent generational battle with his teenage daughter Masha; her eyes are on the outside world. Further along, a little team of ships from the Second World War turns up, and a woman steadfastly runs a weather station. In the distance, we hear radio and TV news reports. The news affects these people too, yet at the same time it seems a million miles away from their isolated everyday reality.


Ilya Povolotskiy

Ilya Povolotskiy graduated from the Department of Law of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in 2009. That same year, he founded the Black Chamber film production. He started as a director of advertisements specializing in experimental and artistic projects. The company started producing films with recent titles by Ilya Povolotskiy The Northerners (2017) and Froth (2019).

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Russia, Qatar
2019, 85'

Directed by:
Ilya Povolotskiy

Screenplay by:
Ilya Povolotskiy

Evgeny Rodin

Ekaterina Krasovitskaya, Anna Shalashina, Yaroslav Kozlov

Produced by:
Black Chamber

Festivals & Awards:

IDFA 2019 - Special Mention - Competition for First Appearance 2019; GoEast 2020;  Edinburgh IFF 2020; (cancel), Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2020; Festival Premiers Plans 2020


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