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Artyom's Upbringing

Luba Zemtsova
Everybody tries to educate orphan boy Artyom, from boarding school tutors to his loving foster father Valera. But is it really possible to change personality and fate of a boy, who, even though he is talented, is raised under the laws of an orphanage?

Project will be presented by:

Vladimir Mikhailovski, producer

Vladimir Mikhailovski is a producer based in Belarus. He has studied management and marketing at a Belorussian Technical University. He served as a Director of a theatre Coliseum and he was an administrator in an independent production film company in Dubai. As a producer, Vladimir is currently preparing two documentaries – Artyom’s Upbringing, supported by IDFA Bertha Fund (2017) for development and The Place of Love, the cash award winner for the Best Emerging Project from Current Time TV at East Doc Forum 2018, developed at Ex Oriente Film Workshop in 2017.

General sponsor

Bоспитание Aртема

Belarus, Poland

Directed by:
Luba Zemtsova

Vladimir Mikhailovski, Miroslaw Dembinski

Produced by:
Illusion film Company, Film Studio Everest

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Illusion Film Company,
75 Pritytsogo str., office 4, 220140 Minsk, Belarus
P: +375296065831