In the latest edition of our documentary participative platform ZagrebDOXXL we are organising four panels inspired by the topics of the films screened.

Tuesday, 26/02, 17:30h
Theatre 3

After the screening of the film Now Something Is Slowly Changing, made by Mint Film Office, a panel under the title Therapy – A Journey or a Destination? aims to discuss about different techniques people today apply to find themselves and face with challenges in life.

Tuesday, 26/02, 20h
Theatre 3

After the screening of Wim Wenders’s Pope Francis: A Man of His Word, a panel under the title Pope Francis – A Reformer or a Heretic? will focus on the Francis’s pontificate as a litmus for testing the Catholic Church’s readiness to change and adapt to the modern times.

Friday, 01/03, 19h
Theatre 2

Nebojša Slijepčević is the author of the multi award-winning Srbenka, according to many the best Croatian film in 2018. One of the most successful Croatian documentary filmmakers with a filmography of a dozen short and two feature films, as well as dozens of docu-serial episodes. Over the course of 20 years as a documentary professional, he has attended the most important independent producers’ docu-labs, from Factum to Fade in to his home company Restart, he shot for TV and took part in international co-productions. His documentaries are equally praised by professional juries and audi- ence both in Croatia and abroad and he won a ZagrebDox award. After the screening of his films in an author’s evening. ZagrebDox is hosting moderated Q&A with Nebojša Slijepčević and the audience.

Saturday, 02/03, 20h 
Theatre 4

After the screening of the film Entrepreneur by the famous Finnish director Virpi Suutari, a lecture under the title ‘Entrepreneurship – Corporate or Traditionsl?’ aims to explore the possibilities and future of different forms of entrepreneurship in Croatia