Author's Night - Nebojša Slijepčević

Real Man's Film

Nebojša Slijepčević
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01.03. / Friday, 19:00 - 21:00 Theatre 2  
The situation on the ground could not be more dangerous – everyone is armed with rifles and pistols.

The concentration of arms and weapons has reached a critical point where even the smallest incident will be disastrous to a fragile peace. Just one nervous finger on the trigger could unleash unstoppable chaos...


Nebojša Slijepčević

Nebojsa Slijepčević was born in 1973 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2005, he graduated in Film Directing from the Academy of Drama and Art in Zagreb. He has directed numerous creative documentaries that were widely shown and awarded multiple times at many international festivals. ZagrebDox screened many of his documentaries, following his work closely. He is a three times nominee for Prix Europa Award for his TV documentaries. His first documentary feature, the international co-production Gangster of Love, premiered at Hot Docs and it was one of the biggest box-office successes in Croatia, winning the Audience Award at 2013 ZagrebDox. His latest documentary feature Srbenka (2018) premiered at Visions du Réel and received the Buyens-Chagoll Award, followed by the Heart of Sarajevo for best documentary and the Audence Award at Sarajevo Film Festival and many more. He is also an educator, mentoring and lecturing at Restart's School of Documentary Film in Zagreb.

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Muški film

2012, 12'

Directed by:
Nebojša Slijepčević

Screenplay by:
Nebjoša Slijepčević

Nebjoša Slijepčević

Edited by:
Nebjoša Slijepčević

Vanja Jambrovic

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

Sarajevo Film Festival 2012 – Human Rights Award; IFOLT 2013 – Beggar Award for best production company film; Opuzen Film Festival 2013 – Best Croatian Short Film; ZagrebDox 2013; Dokufest 2012; Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2012; Free Zone Film Festival 2012; Barcelona Independent Film Festival 2012; Indielisboa 2013; Skopje Film Festival 2013; South East European Film Festival 2013 – Kiosk program; Cronograf International Documentary Festival 2013 – I Like competition; Festroia International Film Festival 2013; Hamburg International Short Film Festival 2013; Kino Otok 2013; Tabor Film Festival 2013; Montenegro Film Festival 2013; Festival of Mediterranean Film in Široki Brijeg 2012; CinEast 2013