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Generation Wealth

Lauren Greenfield
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01.03. / Friday, 21:00 - 23:00 Theatre 1  
A dense and entertaining documentary about those whose desire for prosperity has become their driving force and chief purpose in life.

For 25 years, the focus of US American photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield’s work has been money, wealth and people who want to live a life of luxury. Following her studies, Greenfield began to train her lens on the species called the “American Dream” and started portraying those who aspire towards boundless materialism: “If plenty’s good, then more is better”, comments one protagonist. In Greenfield’s dense and entertaining documentary she shines a light on the beginnings of her work, sets off in search of the models who appeared in her early photographs and observes the lives of those whose desire for prosperity has become their driving force and chief purpose in life. We encounter a hedge fund manager wanted by the FBI, an indebted working-class mother as well as an ambitious little girl about to take part in her first beauty contest. It all revolves around status, greed, consumerism as a hobby, turbo-capitalism and the images of beauty and success to be found in the media. Ultimately, the film is also about Lauren Greenfield herself: one has to wonder whether her pursuit of these phenomena has not in fact long turned into an obsession.


Lauren Greenfield

Lauren Greenfield is an American artist, documentary photographer and filmmaker. She graduated from Harvard in 1987 and started her career as an intern for National Geographic. Her first feature-length documentary Thin (2006) was nominated for an Emmy, in 2008 she directed Kids + Money, which won multiple festival awards and screened at 2009 ZagrebDox, and in 2011 the film Beauty CULTure. Her photographic works and films generally deal with issues relating to the influence of popular culture on the way we live.

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Generation Wealth

2018, 106'

Directed by:
Lauren Greenfield

Screenplay by:
Lauren Greenfield

Robert Chappell, Lauren Greenfield, Shana Hagan, Jerry Risius, Lars Skree

Edited by:
Aaron Wickenden, ACE; Michelle Witten, Victor Livingston, Dan Marks

Jeff Beal

Lauren Greenfield, Frank Evers, Wallis Annenberg

Produced by:
Amazon Studios, Evergreen Pictures

Festivals & Awards:

Sundance Film Festival 2018; Berlin International Film Festival 2018; CPH:DOX 2018; SXSW 2018; DOCVILLE International Documentary Film Festival 2018; Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018; Transilvania International Film Festival 2018; Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2018; Jeonju International Film Festival 2018; RiverRun International Film Festival 2018; Provincetown Film Festival 2018; Adelaide Film Festival 2018