Home for Christmas

Tomislav Đurinec
Screening time  
25.02. / Monday, 21:00 - 23:00 Theatre 2  
Tomislav, the author of the film and its main protagonist, is getting ready to go home to spend Christmas with his family and come out to them about being gay.

He talks the decision over with his boyfriend Adrian, but the conversation quickly veers towards their relationship and their problems. They love each other but wonder whether that is enough, given their differences, which are the root of their problems. Tomislav leaves to spend the holidays with his family, whom we meet during the course of three days – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. They do not know that Tomislav is about to break the new and think he is recording a family portrait. We follow them having lunch, decorating the Christmas tree, unwrapping presents in a relaxed and amiable holiday atmosphere, while Tomislav struggles with himself and his inability to do what he came to do.


Tomislav Đurinec

Tomislav Đurinec is a student of film and TV directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. He is the author of several fiction and documentary exercises and student films that have screened at national and regional film festivals: Home for Christmas (2018), To B or not to B (2017), Lutka (2017), Hvala što ne pušite (2016), Žuljaju me cipele (2016) and Što ćemo sa stanom? (2015).

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Doma za Božić

2018, 30' 52''

Directed by:
Tomislav Đurinec

Screenplay by:
Tomislav Đurinec

Magdalena Ptiček

Edited by:
Marko Klajić

Martina Roginić

Produced by:
Akademija dramske umjetnosti, Zagreb

Festivals & Awards:

Herceg Novi – Montenegro Film Festival 2018 – Golden Mimosa for best student film Montenegro Film Festival 2018; Cinedays Festival of European Film in Skopje 2018; Auteur Film Festival 2018; Croatian Film Days 2018