Extra Screenings on Sunday


Extra screenings on Sunday will offer another chance to see Wim Wenders' documentary take on Pope Francis as well as musical documentaries Studio 54 and Where are You, João Gilberto?

Due to big audience interest, additional screenings will be taking place on Sunday, 3 March in Theatre 1

The last chance to embark on a musical journey in search of the bossa nova legend Where Are You João Gilberto? is scheduled for 2pm, while 4pm slot will host a rerun of Wim Wenders' documentary take on Pope Francis - Pope Francis, a Man of His Word.

At 10pm an additional screening of the film Studio 54 is organised. Directed by Matt Tyrnauer, this is a story about the legendary Studio 54 – the hub of transgression and hedonism in the seventies, a magnet for glamorous celebrities, casual sex, loads of cocaine and refuge for social outcasts and queer crew. 

Tickets are available for sale, and all information regarding the ticket sale are available on this link.