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Miranda - The Making of a Politician

Mats Ågren
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28.02. / Wednesday, 17:00 - 19:00 Theatre 1  
A 14-year-old girl involves in alt-right politics but soon her party forces her to change her political plans.

14-year-old Miranda is on track to becoming a young political star in the right-wing populist party, Sweden Democrats. It is a young party, where the path to the top is quick – at least as long as you stick to the official party line, yet, in the superficially rule-abiding party, the top-down control is ruthless. While she still dares to criticise it, Miranda gets to experience the party’s brutal bullying methods. At first glance, she does not seem like a budding politician, yet, behind her restrained exterior hides a determined power seeker. Another factor is her family, which consists of a shamelessly racist mother, an Englishman father and a brother who has tattooed a set of brass knuckles on his forehead. It is precisely her brother's fatal encounter with Swedish healthcare that sets Miranda on her path. This is a portrait of a young right-wing idealist’s meteoric career in one of the nationalist parties that have gone from outsider to mainstream all over Europe.


Mats Ågren

Mats Ågren is a Swedish director and television producer since 2000. He has produced and directed several award-winning documentary-series for all broadcasters in Sweden, including Emmy-nominated My Pet, Death & I. In 2013 he formed his own company Dokumentärministeriet AB for documentary films. Miranda – The Making of a Politician is the first documentary produced by his company.

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Miranda - En politiker blir till

2016, 59' 3''

Directed by:
Mats Ågren

Screenplay by:
Mats Ågren

Camilla Skagerström

Edited by:
Mats Ågren, Oskar Blondell

Björn Palmberg

Camilla Skagerstrom

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

CPH:DOX 2017